Photo Mate R3 Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Photo Mate R3 - What is new?

This video gives a quick overview over the key changes if you're an user of Photo Mate R2 and want to or just have upgraded to R3. 0:22 Gallery, File-Browsing, ...

Lightroom vs. Photo Mate - Desktop vs. Tablet

In this video, Marius will compare Lightroom, which he is using almost every day on his desktop pc, with Photo Mate on his tablet. Can Photo Mate really be your ...

Photo Mate R3 - Version 2.0

Some thoughts and information about the major update 2.0 for Photo Mate R3 for Android.

Photo Mate for Android

This video explains some of the features of Photo Mate for Android, an Image Viewer and Editor with Support for Raw-Formats.

Photo Mate R2

Photo Mate is a full-featured raw-developer and non-destructive image editor for android tablets. It comes with support for a bunch of camera raw formats, ...

Editing tips for Photo Mate

Different tips for editing images in Photo Mate R2 4.0 or later This tutorial will cover gradient-layers, lasso-layers and the new "threshold-layers" as well as the ...

Photo Mate R3 2.0 Beta

Some background information about the new features coming in the next update for R3! P.S.: Sorry for the Moire, next time I'll try filming without line skipping.

Photo Mate R3 2.1 - What's new

Some information about the new features in Version 2.1 of Photo Mate R3.

Photo Mate R2 Tutorial 1

Extreme backscatter removal with Photo Mate R2 for Underwater Photography.

How to view and edit nef (RAW) images on Samsung galaxy note 3 using photo mate R3

this video shows you how to open raw file on galaxy note 3. you can purchase the app after the trial for 48 hours.

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